How to Remove Feed from Instagram

So you’re tired of going to Instagram to message a friend or post just to end up 10 feet down the feed? You are probably looking to block the newsfeed on Instagram because you’re wasting time scrolling social media platforms for hours; HOWEVER, you might also feel a little anxious about cutting ties and feeling left out. Luckily we created BeTimeful with you in mind. By installing BeTimeful on your Android or iPhone, you can continue to stay connected without getting distracted by the Newsfeed:

BeTimeful makes sure you don't hooked into scrolling for hours. With BeTimeful, you don't need to delete social media apps or use any blocker. Here is how it works:

✅ BeTimeful hides all your distracting social media apps from your iPhone or Android 🔒

✅ You can have timed access to the distracting apps (scroll for 1, 5, 10 or more on your favourite App) 🕝

✅ Have unlimited access to feedless Instagram and YouTube!  

✅ Access DM's without getting distracted 🤝

✅ Message your friends, prospects, and clients 📩

✅ Post videos, Reels, and all your content 📲

🔥 You can finally stay connected, productive, and NOT distracted with BeTimeful!

With BeTimeful, you don't need to delete social media apps or use any blocker.  Here’s a quick tutorial on how to remove Feed or Reels From Instagram that works on your laptop and Phone!


  1. Download BeTimeful Mobile App on App Store. It’s free.
  2. Follow the simple onboarding steps to sign-in.
  3. Allow permission to BeTimeful’s app to remove feed.
  4. Voila! Your Instagram feed is remove until you want it back.



The onboarding is even simpler on desktop.

  1. Download BeTimeful's Chrome Extension or Safari Extension. Free to Use.
  2. Sign-in to your account.
  3. VoilaI! you’re on desktop, your Instagram feed would be gone right away:


The other way is to hide every friend from your instagram, which not only takes forever but you’d then have to undo everything else when you want them back, aka highly unrecommended.

Struggling with the allure of the endless scroll on social media? You’re not the only one.

 Social media platforms are designed to be addictive, and it’s all too easy to find ourselves losing hours to them. This is where BeTimeful steps in, offering a lifeline for those who wish to how to block twitter on iphone and reclaim their time.

For many, the willpower approach of 'just stop using it' isn't effective, especially when the cold turkey blocker not working. What if you could learn from people with no social media and harness some of their digital tranquility? BeTimeful offers that path.

One of the most common conundrums is figuring out how to stop using social media without deleting it. BeTimeful provides actionable strategies to do just that, without the drastic measure of deletion. This way, you can tackle social media distraction head-on and minimize its impact on your productivity.

Maybe you're pondering the 20 reasons to quit social media, or perhaps you’re wrestling with the decision of whether to should I delete instagram. BeTimeful guides you through understanding the root of your instagram addiction and provides tools to help manage or curb it.

BeTimeful goes beyond just helping you quit; it educates you on what causes social media addiction and shows you how a life with no social media could look. It's perfect for those who find themselves asking, "why is tiktok so addicting?" and want to embrace a no social media lifestyle, or even for those who just want to learn how to ignore screen time limits to use their devices more intentionally.

In short, BeTimeful is your companion in mastering the digital space, offering solutions to how to get instagram unblocked if you need it, or ways to how to block porn on ipad for a family-friendly online experience. Whether it’s initiating a social media detox or confronting phone addiction, BeTimeful can help you navigate the complex digital landscape with ease and confidence.

Managing your Social media with BeTimeful can help increase productivity, time management, and mental health:

The pervasive influence of social media on both our work and personal lives has brought to light the critical need for effective management of our digital engagement. This is not just a matter of enhancing productivity; it's equally a matter of safeguarding our mental health. BeTimeful offers a proactive solution, recommending productive apps instead of social media for those looking to maximize their efficiency and focus in the year 2024.

Engaging in a dopamine detox challenge is an effective way to break free from the gratification loop of likes and shares, giving our brains a much-needed break from the constant digital noise. This method aligns with the profound insights from atomic habits quotes by James Clear, which encourage the formation of small, incremental habits that collectively lead to significant life improvements.

With the rising concern of phone addiction, BeTimeful points to the resurgence of dumb phones in 2023 as a testament to the growing desire for a simpler, less invasive technological presence in our lives. For creative professionals, this may translate into seeking meaningful work such as how to start ugc content creation in 2023 and understanding the financial nuances of how much to charge for content creation.

Social media can be leveraged for growth and networking when used strategically, as seen in the effective methods to how to increase your LinkedIn followers. However, this should be balanced with regular intervals of digital detox, as recommended in the Dopamine Detox, to keep our mental faculties in prime condition. If you are having trouble with a particular social media platform, like Twitter for example. Learn how to block Twitter on iPhone here. 

Moreover, BeTimeful is a source of inspiration for content creation, offering fresh Lifestyle Content Ideas for 2023 and shedding light on the earnings landscape for digital marketers with resources like how much does a social media marketer make? Ensuring a balanced approach to digital engagement, BeTimeful promotes the use of time management tools and the practice of time blocking to allocate distinct segments of time for work and leisure, thereby avoiding the potential for social media to disrupt our daily productivity.

Ultimately, BeTimeful's mission extends beyond mere suggestions to how to quit social media; it's about embracing a lifestyle where productivity tools and apps become integral to our daily routine. It encourages discovering best productivity hacks and seeking advice from top productivity coaches to enhance our efficiency. Whether it's about finding strategies to how to focus on studies without getting distracted or pondering is social media good or bad for us?, BeTimeful guides users towards a more intentional and mindful approach to their digital lives.

Now that you're removed your instagram's feed until you want it back, here are 11 tips for time management so you make best use of the time we've saved you.

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