BeTimeful: FREE News Feed Eradicator for iPhone, Android, Chrome, Safari 

If you heard about News Feed Eradicator, then you’d have to know about BeTimeful.

BeTimeful is the ONLY News Feed Blocker in the World that works on any device EVEN on Your Phone so that You still use social media without getting used by it!

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As the world's ONLY mobile news feed eradicator, BeTimeful makes sure your screen time report never goes to the roof. In Summary, here's what BeTimeful does for you:

✅ Removes Your Instagram, YouTube, Linkedin, Facebook.. News Feed 🔥

✅ Hide Any App You Want from Your Phone 🚫

✅ Timed Breaks to Check Your News Feed Before Kicks You Out! ⏰

✅ Available across all your devices 📱💻

All you've to do is to try it for free on Android or iPhone

If you want to increase your productivity and decrease your distractedness without disconnecting yourself from social media, you should download BeTimeful today! You don't need to be keep ignoring time-limits

Before diving into each feature specifically, here is recap: BeTimeful offers a News-feed Blocker for all your devices that allows for safe, private, and timed social media breaks. Lastly, unlike News Feed Eradicator, BeTimeful is also offering its solution on Safari.

This is just the beginning, BeTimeful is constantly updating and improving its product and if there is a feature you’d like us to add, email us!

If your salesforce email going to spam when sending your feedback, just use the contact us button in our website.

BeTimeful is leading the News Feed Blocker industry with the following features and benefits. 

  1. Mobile News Feed Blocker
  2. Safari News-Feed Eradicator
  3. Timer Breaks (1, 5, 10 Minutes)
  4. Privacy and Security

Here are all the features, and reasons why BeTimeful is better than News Feed Eradicator:


World’s ONLY Mobile News Feed blocker (iOS only)

Do you ever find yourself constantly scrolling through social media, getting distracted from the important things you need to do? Well, have no fear, because BeTimeful is here!

BeTimeful has developed the world's ONLY mobile News Feed blocker, available exclusively on iOS. BeTimeful's app will help you eliminate distractions so you can stay connected and not distracted!  Although it works slightly differently on your iPhone, you can expect the same features and benefits as the Browser extension.

Whether you're using Instagram, Facebook Twitter, LinkedIn, TikTok or YouTube, BeTimeful will block your News Feed, so you won't get sidetracked by endless scrolling. Plus, you can still post and message your friends, colleagues, or prospects without any distractions. And the best part? Our users save an average of 2 hours per day with BeTimeful, giving you an extra month at the end of the year to focus on the things that matter most. So why not give BeTimeful a try and take control of your social media distractions? You won't regret it! 

But what if you need a quick social media break? BeTimeful's got you covered! With the option to take a break for 1, 5 or 10 minutes, you can scroll guilt-free and come back to your work feeling refreshed and re-energized.

Supported platforms:

  • Facebook News feed eradicator

  • YouTube News feed eradicator

  • Instagram News feed eradicator

  • LinkedIn News feed eradicator

  • Twitter News feed eradicator

BeTimeful is on Safari’s Extensions

Do you use Safari as your go-to browser? Did you know that Safari extensions are the newest way to customize your browsing experience?

Well, if you're looking for a solution to block your News Feeds on Safari, look no further than BeTimeful! We're the top choice for Safari users when it comes to eliminating distractions and staying focused.

With BeTimeful, you'll get all the features you need to stay on track, including timed breaks, complete privacy, security and even a mobile solution.

So if you're a Safari user and want to stay connected not distracted, download BeTimeful’s Safari extension today! You'll be able to stay focused and productive, without any unwanted distractions so you make your own digital detox challenge.

Introducing BeTimeful’s Timed Breaks

BeTimeful is super-charging the News Feed eradicator with “Timed-Breaks”. We’re introducing 1, 5, or 10 minute breaks to the News Feed Eradicator. When you turn on the Browser extension or the mobile app – you will get a pop-up that will ask how long you want to scroll for. Select your desired amount – 1, 5, or 10 minutes: Depending on your choice your News Feed will automatically disappear right after the allotted time is expired.

Psychologists recommend keeping social media scrolling to less than 20 minutes per day. This is tough, even for the most disceplined. Timed-Breaks are here to help keep your social media scrolling to a limit. 

With BeTimeful, you are guaranteed to not doom-scroll. Improve your productivity and mental health!

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World Class Privacy and Security

Google Chrome extensions might not be as safe as you think. Recently, threat analysts at McAfee discovered five extensions that steal users' browsing activity, and collectively, these extensions have been downloaded over 1.4 million times. Regardless if you are using BeTimeful’s Chrome or Safari extension or on your mobile app, you can rest-assured that your data will remain safe and secure. With News Feed Eradicator and other Chrome extensions, you need to be careful.

Why you should consider managing your social media distractions with BeTimeful: 

Navigating the digital waters of today's world can be as daunting as it is necessary. With social media's pervasive reach, it's not uncommon to feel overwhelmed and seek a breather. Enter BeTimeful, your digital compass, guiding you to regain control, starting with teaching you how to block twitter on iphone to prevent distractions at a moment's notice.

What happens when self-control falters and the cold turkey blocker not working? BeTimeful is there to catch you, offering robust alternatives that work. And for those who marvel at people with no social media, it provides the stepping stones to emulate their enviable focus and presence.

If the thought of quitting social media cold turkey makes you nervous, you're not alone. BeTimeful teaches you how to stop using social media without deleting it, giving you the space to wean off gently, without the finality of hitting 'delete'. If social media distraction is what you're battling, this tool is your sword and shield.

For those mulling over the 20 reasons to quit social media or contemplating if they should I delete instagram, BeTimeful serves as a wise counsel. It equips you to manage your instagram addiction with grace and determination.

Delve into the psychology behind what causes social media addiction and discover how a life with no social media can enhance your wellbeing. BeTimeful is there for the curious minds who question the grip of platforms, pondering "why is tiktok so addicting?" It provides insights and actionable steps for those aiming for a no social media existence or simply seeking to how to ignore screen time limits.

In essence, BeTimeful is more than just a tool—it's a mentor for digital mindfulness. Whether you're looking to how to get instagram unblocked for connectivity or how to block porn on ipad for safety, it's your ally. It supports your journey to a social media detox or overcoming a deep-seated phone addiction, offering strategies that are practical, personalized, and empowering.

Managing your social media can help with productivity, time management, and your mental health. Here is how:

In a world where our work and personal lives are increasingly entwined with digital interactions, the ability to manage social media use has become as crucial to our productivity as it is to our mental well-being. BeTimeful recognizes this challenge and responds with a suite of productive apps instead of social media, curated to enhance focus and efficiency as we step into 2024.

Taking part in a dopamine detox challenge is more than a trend; it’s a necessary respite for our brains, bombarded by the constant buzz of notifications. It aligns perfectly with the principles of James Clear’s atomic habits quotes, encouraging the formation of habits that lead to a healthier relationship with technology.

The epidemic of phone addiction is addressed head-on with solutions like the resurgence of dumb phones in 2023, which promote a less intrusive, more mindful approach to connectivity. For content creators, redirecting their energies to meaningful projects, such as how to start ugc content creation in 2023, and understanding the financial aspects like how much to charge for content creation, can result in a more balanced and mentally enriching life.

Smart use of social media can propel professional advancement, such as leveraging tips to how to increase your LinkedIn followers, but it’s crucial to balance this with strategies for digital detox, such as a Dopamine Detox, ensuring our cognitive resources are replenished and preserved.

BeTimeful also serves as a springboard for inspiration, providing Lifestyle Content Ideas for 2023 and offering insights into the earnings potential in social media with resources like how much does a social media marketer make? This balance of creativity and monetization is essential in a world where the lines between work and life are increasingly blurred.

In managing our time effectively, BeTimeful emphasizes the use of time management tools and the practice of time blocking to allocate specific periods for social media, ensuring that it serves our goals rather than detracts from them.

Ultimately, BeTimeful is a testament to the power of intentional digital consumption. It offers guidance on how to quit social media, harnessing productivity tools and apps, and engaging with best productivity hacks to not only boost our productivity but also safeguard our mental health. Whether it's connecting with the top productivity coaches, mastering how to focus on studies without getting distracted, or debating is social media good or bad for us?, BeTimeful empowers users to create a more mindful and controlled digital experience.