Make a Digital Detox Challenge a Family Night Out

You've decided to take a digital detox challenge. How do you start? Start by making a night out of it. Count your time on your smartphone or tablet during the day, and limit your time using it afterwards. If you're with a family, you can make the challenge a family affair, as well. Then, you'll be surprised at how much time you save by not looking at your devices throughout the day.

Start a digital detox challenge

Starting a digital detox challenge can improve your physical and mental health. This challenge may include a few days or weeks of not using your phone. It can be as simple as setting your phone aside for a few hours. It can also involve disconnecting from the internet for the entire day. By observing your emotions while using your phone, you'll be able to establish a better relationship with your gadget. The benefits of a digital detox challenge are obvious. A social media detox is also great to curve your phone addiction or scrolling paralysis.

Before you begin, explain to your family and friends your plans. Let them support you and keep tabs on your progress. If possible, ask your loved ones to participate in the challenge with you. They might want to know whether you're responding to messages, emails, or social media. If your loved ones are aware that you're starting a digital detox challenge, they'll want to help you make the transition. However, don't forget to include them in your new routine.

Avoid fully unplugging

Let's face it, we live in a world that has never been more connected. We still do need to visit YouTube to educate ourselves & go to social media to message a beloved friend or colleague. If we stop those activities, we'd be either shooting ourselves in the foot or our detox won't last too long. It's like suddenly eating only spinaches on the start of the diet. It'd won't be healthy nor sustainable & soon which would lead us to soon reach out for the 2 pound burger. Do you get the point? if you suddenly block social media, nor would it be healthy (ruin your relationship & YT education) but also won't be sustainable. This is why we suggest you to make your social media less addictive instead instead by downloading BeTimeful extension to stay focused & connected, but not distracted.

Make a family night out of it

To make a family night out of the digital detox challenge, create a list of activities that will occupy your family's time and encourage your children to use their devices less often. This list can include outdoor activities, new hobbies, or creative projects that they may otherwise not do. Once everyone has a list of activities, schedule time for those activities. Once everyone has completed the digital detox challenge, make a date night for the whole family to enjoy the newfound freedom.

If your family is particularly glued to their screens, make a night out of it. Instead of playing video games all day, play some board games. Try trying new hobbies or genres. If you're feeling a little bored, you can take a night off to go see a movie or try out a new recipe. After all, it's a great opportunity to bond with your family.

Track your screen time during the day

While the average child spends upwards of eight hours a day staring at a screen, a digital detox challenge will encourage children to engage in other activities. It will also break bad habits such as watching television during meals, texting instead of talking, and sleeping next to a cell phone. If you're considering doing a digital detox challenge with your family, here are some tips to help you succeed.

Make a list of things you'd like to do during your digital detox. Put some books on the bedside table or sign up for a gym membership. Keep a digital detox journal to keep track of how much time you've spent on your devices. Using certain apps to track your screen time can help you set limits on websites and apps that are distracting. Another way to stay on track is to share your goals with a friend so that you're held accountable.

Limit it afterward

A digital detox challenge is a great way to kick the habit of constantly checking your phone or tablet. Whether you use your device while socializing, leave it in your pocket when not in use, or turn your bathroom into a tech-free zone, there are many ways to limit it afterward. Getting a partner to participate in the challenge can help you stay accountable. If you're doing it on your own, consider setting a strict daily limit on your tech use. One of the best ways to beat phone addiction is with a social media detox or digital minimalism

While your device-free days may make you feel anxious, try to avoid relapsing and resuming your old habits. If you are working in a traditional office environment, you might consider finding a friend or colleague to help you complete the detox. A digital detox challenge is similar to quitting smoking - you need a buddy to support you and keep you accountable. You may also want to get a digital detox buddy for your workmates or coworkers. Besides, a digital detox partner can provide you with a lot of ideas on how to limit your time with your devices.

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