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Top 5 Safari Extensions of 2022 | BeTimeful

Top Safari Extensions For Mac

Among the top safari extensions available for Mac is Grammarly, which makes your writing much easier and beTimeful which makes social media less distracting. There is also LastPass and PiPer, which let you store all of your passwords and other information on your device. PiPer is particularly useful if you're always on the move. And last but not least, you can switch off the lights. This browser extension will allow you to use Safari without distractions. It's available for Mac and iOS.


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You've probably seen the Grammarly logo lining your Safari window and every other text field on the web. This browser extension has many advantages, including an easy-to-use interface, a tone detector, and more. You can install the extension on your desktop or mobile device, and you can also use it in standalone word processors. Here are a few ways to use Grammarly. Let's take a look.

First of all, it detects grammatical errors and provides suggested corrections. Once you've made an error, Grammarly automatically changes the word or phrase. Another feature of this extension is Website Opener, which opens all tabs at once. It also has an option for using dark mode. This is especially helpful for writers who spend a lot of time online. If you're a student, Grammarly is a great choice for learning how to write better and avoid embarrassing errors.

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LastPass is one of the most popular password managers, but it doesn't always work well in Safari. It might not show up in your extensions tab and may not function. If you are looking for a different password manager, you may want to try Opera. Opera is used by 350 million people worldwide and comes with a great design and built-in packages. It also has an assistant that transferring all your data.

LastPass has mobile applications for iOS and Android. Both are available from the Apple Store and Google Play. They are very user-friendly, and you can choose between a simple password manager or a more advanced application. LastPass' Android client features seven trackers that collect information about your online activity. You won't have as many password generation options on your phone, but it does come with the Authenticator app, which offers multi-factor authentication.

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PiPer is a picture-in-picture mode browser extension for safari. It supports Netflix and Prime Videos. There is no specific tab for this extension on your taskbar, but you can toggle the video interface by hovering over the video icon. PiPer also works with Chrome and Firefox. This article will go over each of them to see if they work for your needs. PiPer works with YouTube and Netflix but does not support Apple TV+.

You can download PiPer from the Mac App Store for free. Go to the Mac App Store and search for it or follow the link at the bottom of this article. After you download and install PiPer, you will need to enable it on your Safari. Navigate to the Finder bar and hit Safari. From there, select preferences. When you have successfully enabled PiPer, you can then click "Enable" and enjoy your new extension!

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Turn Off the Lights

To install the Turn Off the Lights extension, open the Settings app on your iOS device and select "Extensions." Next, navigate to the Safari address bar and tap the lamp icon. You should then see the "Turn Off the Lights" icon. Depending on your device, this icon will be located on the bottom-right of the address bar in Chrome, Firefox, or Safari. If you prefer using Chrome, you can also download the extension directly from Google Code.

Another great feature of Turn Off the Lights is that it dims the surrounding light when watching a video. This makes it easier for you to watch your video without being distracted by the background and surrounding elements. You can even customize the settings to make the dark layer appear only on selected websites. If you'd like to use the extension for viewing videos, you can turn off the lights automatically at a certain time. You can also select the duration that you'd like the extension to be on.

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Microsoft Translator

Safari users who travel often will find Microsoft Translator a helpful app. The application allows you to translate web pages in a variety of languages. It is built into iOS and works with older versions of iOS, too. In addition, the extension is compatible with older versions of iOS. By installing this extension, iPhone users can easily translate web pages and apps. Here are some ways to install the extension on your iOS device.

First, you can use the Conversation option to translate between two languages. But you'll need both devices to use Microsoft Translator. If you want an offline translation, you can use the Microphone option. To use the offline translation feature, you'll need to download language packs. To do so, open Microsoft Translator's Settings and scroll down to Offline Languages. Next, choose the languages you want to download.

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If you're worried about your privacy, DuckDuckGo is a great choice. The privacy essentials extension blocks third-party tracking cookies and trackers from building users' profiles. You can also choose to whitelist sites, and DuckDuckGo comes with a Privacy Dashboard that shows you how well a site protects your privacy. You can even select to whitelist sites for which DuckDuckGo doesn't track you.

This browser also works with Safari, so users can use it as their default search engine. It is incredibly lightweight but does provide some features that users may not appreciate. Users won't be able to see their complete browsing history or install sites as apps, but these features aren't crucial for a privacy-conscious user. You'll also be able to browse your web history with DuckDuckGo, but don't expect to be able to use your bookmarks bar or other useful tools. But if you want to save your privacy, it's worth checking out.

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