Let me ask you a question: What's the point of deleting social media just to delete your social and professional life...

When you can use a FREE app called BeTimeful just Delete the News Feed of Social Media so You Stay Connected, Not Distracted Unless you need a timed break before your time is up!


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Cause trust me, when you Go Big (deleting social media), you'll end up going hope (undeleting social media) just like the rest of the 87%  of people who reinstall social media within the first week of deleting it.

Still not convinced? let's talk about my journey of deleting social media and if you should completely unplug social media out of your life....

Life After Deleting Social Media

After realizing I was wasting so much time on my feeds, I started to have questions in my mind about how to stop using social media. Then afterwards, I finally decided to unplug from social media. At first, the thought of missing out haunted me, but the quiet that followed got me centred and at peace in life. If you're wondering how to quit social media, start by temporarily deactivating Instagram; this gives you a taste of life offline without permanent commitment.

For many, like myself, the thought of deleting social media is a sign of depression didn't leave my mind? Nonetheless, I decided to go with it, anyway. Until things were not going as well....

Life After After Deleting Social Media (Cons)

After the dose of freedom from deleting social media, I began to notice the lost of touch with my personal and social life. While I enjoyed greater focus and fewer distractions, I missed out on important events and felt out of the loop with friends and professional networks. For instance, I was unaware of a startup fundraising event that would have been a fantastic networking opportunity until after it happened! Just to realize the winner was far worse than even my startup!

That's when I had a wake up call as well! As 81% of adults in the U.S. feel that social media makes them feel more connected to what’s going on in their friends’ lives.

So I was left with this double edge sword in life, having to choose between being completely distracted or isolated! Until, BeTimeful was born...

Should I Delete Social Media? No Need! Just Delete Your Feed...

After 3.5 years of coding and 2,784,230 espressos... BeTimeful was born to hide your News Feed so you Stay connected, just Not distracted! Unless you need a timed break to catch up on some cat video before your time is up!



Sooner than later, BeTimeful ended up resonating with more people by the day to end up being the best productivity apps for iPhone of the year as it was nicknamed as "the app that makes your social media less addictive"

Practical Tips for Mindful Social Media Use

During my own Digital Minimalism entrepreneurial journey, I found it crucial to set clear boundaries, such as engaging in a Social Media Fast one day each week regardless of the method you're using. This practice helped recalibrate your focus and reduce the constant dopamine rush from endless notifications.

To support this, you've to know How to Deactivate Instagram in case you ever need to go Monk Mode, which proved to be a simple yet effective tool in managing my online presence. Each step, though challenging, reinforced my commitment to a balanced digital life, showing me the real value behind each interaction. Even leaving the phone in the kitchen of my home proved to be more effective than deleting social media all together, to be honest with you.

Conclusion of Should I delete Social Media?

Reflecting on my journey towards a healthier relationship with social media, I've learned that balance, not absence, is key of life. Using a free app like BeTimeful makes your social media less addictive by hiding your news feed so you stay connected, just not distracted unless you need a timed break.

Cause remember, when there's a will, there's a way. So why not start today?

Deleting social media can be healthy if it reduces stress and distraction in your life. However, what's the point of deleting social media when you can just delete the news feed of your social media so you stay connected, just not distracted unless you need a timed break.

You might consider deleting social media if it's significantly impacting your mental health or productivity. Alternatively, using BeTimeful can make your social media less addictive so you don't have to delete it anymore.

People often delete social media to escape the pressure and noise, to regain control over their time, or to improve mental health. For those looking to reduce usage without cutting ties, BeTimeful offers features like news feed hiding and timed breaks.