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How to Quit Social Media - top tips (2022)

Author: Sonam Singh


(8 minutes read)

Do you find yourself scrolling social media platforms for hours? Do you experience negative emotions such as anxiety when you don’t have access to your social media? These are probably the signs of social media addiction. Current times are both interesting and challenging. But why are we struggling dealing with this addiction? As per a search from Harvard, social media usage lights up the same part of the brain that is ignited by taking addictive substances such as drugs or nicotine. Rewarding sensations increase in dopamine level, thus inducing positive reinforcement.

What are the reasons to quit social media? Addiction causes reduced focus, anxiety, isolation, fear of missing out (FOMO), depression and low self-esteem among users thus impacting their mental health and creating psychological cravings.

How to successfully break up with Social Media:

1. Set time limits

There are dedicated apps and extensions such as BeTimeful chrome extension which will help you stay focussed with limiting time on social media and increasing productivity. Check out Top 8 Productivity coaches of 2021 for more tips.

2. Turn Off Notifications

Push notifications makes it harder to focus. With constant reminders and interruption people are easily distracted. Turning off all notifications except emails can ensure less distraction and increased focus. Try out BeTimeful that has an unique feature that removes the distracting notifications from social media websites.

3. Detox with a friend

Extra support makes quitting easier. Tagging along with a friend or buddy to accomplish this activity will make you more accountable and smoothen the process. One is more likely and encouraged to stick to the goals with a buddy to lean on. Check out Top 7 productivity Tools and Apps for Students (2022) for helpful tips.

4. Practice Mindfulness

If you use social media constantly and find yourself wanting to check it impulsively then putting a rubber band around the phone can serve as a reminder. Using stickers or setting a motivational quote as on lock screen can help keep your impulse in check.

5. Assign Physical reminders

Chunking your time is a great way to increase your productivity because you’ll allow yourself more time to dive deeper into your work without getting distracted. You will have more energy by the end of the day because time chunking allows you to prevent unnecessary task switching. We wrote an entire blog just on this topic of staying productive with time chunking.

6. Get a Real Alarm clock

Switching to a real alarm clock instead of a phone can reduce the temptation to check social media. Replacing the digital time in morning and at night can significantly help reduce the urge to scroll on social media.

7. Embrace self-care

Keep yourself and your health as priority. Make sure to spend some Me time reflecting on yourself. Use this time to explore your hobbies and interests. Accomplish that reading list, start your fitness journey or volunteer for a good cause. You will be astonished to find how much you can achieve in this time.

8. Plan for Withdrawal

Quitting social media can lead to withdrawal symptoms similar to quitting drugs or smoking. Preparing a plan to deal with the anxiety, stress and boredom can help manage these feelings better.

All the tips mentioned above can help you start your Digital detox journey and break free of social media addiction.

The benefits of breaking free from social media addiction will help you realize how much more is there to achieve and you will start embracing your life. Check out Break Social Media Addiction with a free browser extension! If you are thinking of starting your digital detox journey. Or, try out BeTimeful to experience the phenomenal shift in your browsing activity.