I, too have caught myself being distracted in life by the simplest of the things - what? You may ask. Well, to start, how additive are the reels these days? I mean, why is it so satisfying to watch a dog sneeze and to watch the hypothetical “What happens if the moon crashes into the Earth” video on our social platforms? And then, I have also found myself looking up the list of best productivity apps for iPhone just to feel better and bring the wasted time back.

Did you know that an average person spends about 4 hours and 39 minutes on their phone daily and this does not include being on calls or meetings? And here, we are talking about the average person, not people like us, who are addicted to refreshing their feeds every 15 minutes to check out despite a blog being out there on how to screen times

While this generation is more prone to the curse of social media addiction, there are ways to minimize this and boost our productivity by 50%.

Best Productivity Apps for iPhone

When we talk about the best productivity apps, we don’t just mean one category - these apps are present in several different categories including Digital Minimization, Time Blockers, task management, tracking, collaboration, and organization, among others. 

These are not just applications people made because they were bored - if used properly, these best productivity apps can help one maintain focus, manage tasks well, and achieve productivity.

So what do you say, should we jump on the bandwagon and make this list the best for your productivity? Let’s go!

1. BeTimeful 

Do you know that only 7% of social media users think that online platforms have a positive effect on their mental health? That’s because it is addicting and can cause mental problems if not use moderately. 

How many times have you found yourself going to Instagram to learn how to deactivate Instagram or YouTube to watch a video only to get stuck in the loop of watching recommended videos and posts for hours? Countless times, right? 

Why does this happen? Don’t worry you aren’t the only one nor was this all a coincidence. 

It is designed by million-dollar attention engineers to get you hooked - enabling them to make money for every second you spend on their platform. 

Imagine yourself stuck in this loop, even if you want to get back to doing whatever productive you were doing, it’s going to take you more than 30 minutes to regain your focus, break the vicious cycle of “Dopamine” and save your time.  

This is where BeTimefull steps in and it’s FREE!

The mission of this app is to help you use technology instead of it using you - and it is done by blocking your newsfeeds, recommendation videos, or anything that’s designed to get you addicted. 


Keep in mind, that we don’t have to go to crazy lengths to How to quit social media or get out of the loop - with the BeTimeful app, you don't need to delete social media apps or use any blockers - you just have to follow the rules made by YOU. 

All you have to do is download the app for FREE, set your time limit in which you want to freely use your apps and enjoy them, and once the breaks the over, your social media apps get feedless. 

BeTimeful blocks the newsfeed of all your social media platforms for you optimize your time towards productivity. It doesn't make you disconnected - you still get to search for things and stay informed, it only takes away the bad part that makes you addicted - the newsfeed. 

2. Notion

On our list of best productivity apps, we have Notion as the second number. It’s a tool that combines note-taking, project management, and database functionalities into one comprehensive platform. With Notion, users can create organized workflows, collaborate with others seamlessly, and keep track of their projects efficiently.

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3. Asana

Asana (I am pretty sure we have all heard about it) is a popular project management app that enables teams to collaborate effectively by providing features like task assignment, progress tracking, and deadline management. This tool allows team members to stay aligned on project goals and ensures efficient task management.

So if you think you are missing deadlines and having trouble tracking progress, check out Asana. 

Manage your team's work, projects, & tasks online • Asana

4. TickTick

TickTick is another of the best apps for productivity. It is a to-do list application that goes beyond simple task management, integrating several productivity techniques to help users efficiently organize and complete their tasks. 

It's designed for those who need to manage a wide array of to-dos, from daily chores to complex projects and is particularly useful for people who prefer a more structured approach to task management.

A standout feature of TickTick is its ability to incorporate popular productivity methods such as the Eisenhower Matrix, the Kanban system, and the Pomodoro technique, making it a multifaceted tool for various types of users.

TickTick | Flathub

5. Slack

Slack is a team productivity platform that helps teams communicate and share files seamlessly. The platform provides instant messaging channels and the ability for teams to share and access files among themselves. 

This app encourages teams to work efficiently, even when they are remote or located in different locations. Thus, with these handy productivity apps and the Top 7 Productivity Tools for Students in the market, individuals can better synchronize their work, and studies, manage their tasks easily, and improve their efficiency overall.

THE NEW SLACK LOGO PNG 2023 - eDigital Agency

6. ToDoIst

Also high on the list of best productivity apps is the ToDoist app. In collaboration features and user-friendliness, this one excels. You can easily add tasks, and categorize them according to their importance and urgency. Also, because of the platform’s simplicity of use, nearly everyone can start managing their schedule on day one - it is that simple.

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7. Planny

Planny is a digital player app that is aimed to encourage day-to-day productivity by organizing the calendar and the tasks as well. One of the AI applications it features is by utilizing the integration of GPT-3 AI technology, a tool that suggests tasks and subtasks, thereby enhancing planning. This AI productivity tool helps make task management more intuitive and fast.

Planny • Daily Planner on the App Store

8. MindMode

MindNode helps to transform making and organizing notes, noticeably for difficult concepts and projects. Instead of the boring old methods of notetaking in MindNode, you can draft your thoughts and ideas per your vision, giving the whole structure a more meaningful and connected look.

The strategy used for this productivity app is especially effective for creative sessions when you have to come up with and prioritize many ideas during the project planning sessions.

MindMode’s user experience is quite simple to use and visually captivating. With this you can create branches that will identify distinct points and topics; and every branch can be color-coded, leading to easy identification and organization of different parts in the mind map.  

Mind Map & Brainstorm Ideas - MindNode

9. Strides App

What do we call a very popular fitness app that helps you stay motivated by tracking your daily steps and all the calories you have burned? yes, we call it the Strides app.

This application has workout-tracking, goal setting, and progress tracking features. It doesn't stop here guys, within seconds you can share your results with your friends on social media and get motivational support to help you stay on track with your fitness goals. 

Strides’ one of the important features is its vast number of libraries; there are more than 150 habit tracker templates available. These templates span across different parts of life, such as health and wellness, personal finance, and productivity, enabling anyone who wants to form some new habits or change the old ones to design their templates individually and start on them right away. 

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You Need Productivity Tools to Save Your IQ Points:

Do you know that online distractions and multitasking can reduce your IQ levels by 15 points for an average person? That’s a lot of points to sacrifice in the name of being distracted and it is equivalent to losing a night's sleep or doubling the impact of smoking marijuana. 

BeTimeful App can help you block these online distractions and save your IQ points from falling. You can get this by maximizing your attention span and blocking the luring videos and posts on your social media news feed. 

This smart productivity app saves you 50% of the time by allowing you to stay connected with these platforms but restricting you from getting trapped in the cycle of endless scrolling. And save your IQ points by not getting distracted through social media.

The Conclusion:

Being the person who has tested everything on myself, I would like to take the podium and yell out loud that yes, productivity apps are the way to go. But one thing to keep in mind is that they won’t work for you if you don’t set boundaries for yourself. 

Apps like BetTimeful are made for you to save your time and optimize efforts. 

Because of its cool feature called the news feed eradicator, the app lets you block the news feeds on social media like Instagram and YouTube. Through this you can freely use social media to remain connected and and stay informed by searching things up, all while staying focused without the distractions and never-ending cycle of your newsfeed. 

Try these apps now and I promise your productivity will take you to the success you have only dreamt about.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

What is the #1 productivity app?

Used and loved by millions of people, the #1 productivity app on iPhone and Android is the BeTimeful App. 

This productivity app helps you stay focused while using social media with its News Feed Eradicator feature, the only tool of its kind for all your devices! 

It blocks the feed on many apps like Instagram and YouTube, so you can stay on track with your goals. You can still use the apps to stay connected and search for things, but the distracting feed and recommended videos won't be there to pull you in. How cool is that?

How do I optimize my iPhone for productivity? 

The best way to optimize your iPhone for productivity is by using productivity apps available on the App Store that can help you from staying organized to improve your workflow. 

You can also use the Do Not Disturb feature to silence notifications and calls during focused work times. 

How do I track productivity on my iPhone? 

On your iPhone, Screen Time is a built-in function that you can find in Settings. Screen Time shows you a detailed view of how much time you spend with your iPhone on a daily and weekly basis. 

And if you want to take your iPhone productivity a step ahead, Besides, you can use some third-party productivity apps from the App Store that allow options like time tracking, task management, and taking a break from sucking power of your social Media Newsfeed from apps like BeTimeful. 

What is the best productivity widget for iPhone? 

The best productivity widget for iPhone is the Calender and Reminder widget, it keeps you updated with all the upcoming events and reminds you to work toward your goals and projects. 

You can also use the BeTimeful app and stay organized and focused throughout the day, making it easier to manage your time effectively and avoid distractions from social media and other apps by blocking the newsfeed recommendations.