Opal App Review

In a world where our smartphones are less of 'phones' and more of 'life-anchors,' managing screen time can feel like trying to hold back the ocean with a broom. That's where Opal App and BeTimeful sweep in (pun intended) – not with a broom, but with a sophisticated toolkit designed to help us navigate the digital waves without getting swept away. Let's dive into this Opal app review.

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BUT if you are keen on getting those pesky social media apps off your phone, for once and for good, below are the best scientifically-backed research you can find online (summarized for your ease of reading).


  • Opal vs BeTimeful: Opal is a full-blocker, and BeTimeful is a partial blocker for those who want a feedless version of social media
  • Opal App offers a unique approach to managing your screen time, promoting better digital well-being.
  • Safety is a cornerstone, with robust privacy and security measures.
  • Accessibility is key, with both free and premium features to cater to various needs.
  • Comparison with built-in screen time tools shows Opal’s advanced customization and intervention strategies.
  • Pricing is straightforward, providing options for users to choose based on their needs.

Table of Contents

  1. Opal vs BeTimeful
  2. What is Opal App?
  3. Key Features
  4. Safety and Security
  5. Free vs. Premium Access
  6. Opal vs. Screen Time: A Comparison
  7. Pricing and Subscription
  8. Conclusion
  9. FAQ

In the burgeoning market of digital well-being tools, Opal and Betimeful represent two innovative approaches aimed at curbing the tidal wave of digital distractions that threaten our productivity and peace of mind. While both aim to enhance digital well-being, their methodologies cater to different preferences and needs. Let’s delve deeper into the comparison between Opal, the full-blocker, and Betimeful, the advocate for a feedless social media experience.

Opal: The Full-Blocker Approach

Opal takes a robust stance against social media distraction by acting as a full-blocker. This means that when you decide an app or website is too distracting, Opal can completely prevent access to it for specified periods. This all-or-nothing approach is designed for those of us who find the temptation of "just a quick check" too hard to resist. By creating a digital barrier, Opal helps users to break the cycle of habitual scrolling and mindless engagement that can eat away at our time and mental space. This method is particularly effective for individuals who need a strict boundary to kickstart their journey towards better digital habits.

Opal revamps its screen time app to help anyone, not just parents with  kids, focus and avoid distractions | TechCrunch

Betimeful: The Partial-Blocker for a Feedless Experience

Betimeful, on the other hand, introduces a nuanced approach to digital well-being. For those pondering 'should I delete social media' due to its distracting nature, Betimeful offers a middle ground, allowing you to explore how to stop using social media without deleting it, maintaining essential connections while minimizing distractions. Recognizing that not all screen time is detrimental and that social media can play a significant role in keeping us connected, Betimeful opts for a partial-blocking technique. Specifically, it offers a feedless version of social media. This innovative feature allows users to engage with social media in a more intentional and less distracting manner. You can still access messages, notifications, and post updates without the endless scroll through your feed, which is often the primary source of distraction. Betimeful's approach suits those who want to maintain the benefits of connectivity without the pitfalls of constant distraction. 

Choosing What Works for You

Opal’s full-blocker functionality is ideal for individuals looking for a digital detox or who need to enforce strict boundaries on their screen time to focus on other aspects of their life. It’s a solution that acknowledges the challenge of self-control in the digital age and offers a straightforward way to support users in their quest for a balanced digital life. Betimeful’s partial-blocker feature, in contrast, is tailored for those who believe in moderation rather than abstinence. It’s for users who seek to redefine their relationship with social media, transforming it into a tool that serves them rather than detracts from their well-being. This method is particularly appealing for individuals who value the social and networking aspects of these platforms but want to eliminate the primary sources of time wastage. Ultimately, the choice between Opal and Betimeful depends on your personal goals for digital well-being. If you find that complete disconnection helps you recharge and refocus, Opal’s full-blocking capabilities might be the solution you need. However, if you’re looking for a way to remain connected without falling into the rabbit hole of endless scrolling, Betimeful’s approach to a feedless social media experience could offer the balance you seek. Both tools underscore a critical awareness of the impact of digital consumption on our lives and offer pathways to reclaim control. In deciding between Opal and Betimeful, consider pairing your choice with productive apps instead of social media to enhance your focus further. For those managing ADHD, integrating planners for ADHD into your routine alongside these tools can significantly improve productivity and attention management.

Key Features

Opal boasts features that range from customizable blocklists to insightful analytics on your app usage. It's like having a personal digital dietitian, constantly tweaking your digital nutrition for optimal health.

Opal - The #1 Screen Time App

Safety and Security

Is the app Opal safe?

Absolutely. Opal is the digital equivalent of a safe harbor. It uses VPN technology to monitor and manage your app usage without storing or transmitting personal data. Your digital footprint remains your own, untouched and secure.

Free vs. Premium Access

Can you use Opal app for free?

Yes, you can! Opal offers a free version that provides basic features to help you start managing your screen time. For those who wish to dive deeper into digital well-being, Opal’s premium features await.

Opal vs. Screen Time: A Comparison

Is Opal better than screen time?

While your device's built-in screen time feature gives you a snapshot of your app usage, Opal goes further. It actively helps you reduce screen time through interventions, personalized goals, and unique features that built-in tools lack. Opal not only aids in managing everyday app usage but also supports a broader social media detox by providing tools that encourage users to engage with their devices more mindfully.

Pricing and Subscription

Do you need to pay for Opal?

Opal offers both a free tier and a premium subscription. The free version gets you started on your journey towards better digital habits, while the premium tier unlocks the full suite of tools for those serious about digital well-being.


In the ocean of digital distractions, Opal stands out as a beacon of hope. It's not just about reducing screen time; it's about enhancing our digital quality of life. Whether you're looking to dip your toes in or dive headfirst into digital well-being, Opal and BeTimeful offer a pathway towards achieving that balance, making it not just an app, but a companion on the journey to better digital health. Whether you're into digital minimalism or a tech enthusiast,  try BeTimeful or Opal and see how it can transform your digital habits for the better?


Is the app Opal safe?

Yes, Opal prioritizes user safety with robust privacy and security measures. Your data stays yours alone.

Can you use Opal app for free?

Indeed, Opal offers a free version with basic features, making it accessible for everyone to start improving their digital habits.

Is Opal better than screen time?

Opal provides a more holistic approach than built-in screen time tools, offering interventions and personalized goals to truly reduce screen time and improve digital well-being.

Do you need to pay for Opal?

While Opal has a free tier, the premium subscription offers a comprehensive toolkit for those dedicated to taking their digital well-being to the next level.