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How to Remove Youtube Shorts | BeTimeful

So you thought you’re shielded from Tiktok’s & instagram’s attention stealing algorithms cause you’re a YouTube geek until you saw shorts?


Don't worry, as YouTube geeks ourselves, we're solution for you!

Here's how to Remove Youtube Shorts from your Phone or Desktop.

Here’s a quick tutorial on how to remove Feed or Reels From Instagram that works on your laptop and Phone!


  1. Download BeTimeful Mobile App from the App Store. It’s free!
  2. Follow the onboarding steps.
  3. Allow permission to BeTimeful’s app to remove Youtube Shorts.
  4. Taa Daa! Your Youtube feed or Shorts until you want it back.



The onboarding is even simpler on desktop.

  1. Download BeTimeful's Chrome Extension or Safari Extension. Free to Use.
  2. Sign-in to your account.
  3. VoilaI! you’re on desktop, your Youtube Short would be gone right away:


Interested to know how you can do the same for your instagram feed? Check out how to remove Feed or Reels From Instagram .

The cost of trying Betimfeul: Zero money. 60 seconds of your time to set up.

The cost of not trying Betimfeul: 1-2 hours of lost time per day.

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