Monitoring your screen time limit can be tough. iOS 12 offers the option to set Screen Time limits for individual apps and categories. People can use this app to limit how much time they spend on their phones and computers. While technology can improve learning and socialization, overuse can affect both your physical and mental health. So, setting a screen time limit is beneficial. But, there are 3 reasons why the Screen Time App isn’t enough in limiting your screen time. BeTimeful is a beneficial solution to why Screen Time Limit apps aren’t enough.


  1. It’s very easy to ignore the Screen Time Limit app restrictions

The Screen Time Limit app allows you to set daily, weekly, or monthly limits on any apps for any amount of time. The app gives you a 5-minute warning. After the 5 minutes, you can ask for more time or enter the Screen Time Passcode that you set to continue using the app. You can also ignore the limit by entering the Screen Time Passcode once your additional time is up. But, ignoring the time limit defeats the purpose of using the app. 

      2. You can’t use any of the features on the apps when you get restricted

The Screen Time Limit app restricts your use of any features within that app. If you message someone explicitly on a specific app, like Snapchat or Instagram then you won’t be able to message them if you reach your screen time limit. If this is the only method of reaching them then you will be restricted on contacting them until the screen time limit restarts, depending on if you set a daily, weekly, or monthly limit.  

      3. The limit might actually increase your screen time use

If you set a daily limit of an hour, you might look at it as having access to the app for an hour. This will cause you to use the app for the whole hour because there is a countdown. While if you didn’t have a limit you wouldn’t think of having to use the app because nothing is counting down. To limit your screen time use, check out these productivity tips we encourage you to follow. 


BeTimeful has a unique solution to limit your screen time without any of these 3 downfalls to the Screen Time Limit app. It encourages you to stay motivated and be productive. 


BeTimeful is a unique website plugin that removes all the distracting parts of Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, Linkedin, and Twitter. You still have the ability to use all features of the app, but all the distractions that would suck you into the app are removed. 

BeTimeful’s goal is to increase focus and productivity by removing all the distractions from the platforms so you don’t get sucked in to endlessly scroll through content. Check out these productivity tools to encourage even more motivation. We also understand that you may need to use a social media app for your homework or work. BeTimeful allows you to use YouTube for example if you need to watch a tutorial on Adobe Photoshop, while removing the rush of distracting content so you can focus on your tutorial and exit Youtube when you finish. 

Another way to manage your screen time limit is the website blocker Freedom. This is an app and website blocker that blocks all the sites and apps you select. But, this app is similar in how it restricts your whole use of the app features. 

RealizD tracks the time users spend in different apps and categories. When you reach the limits, the app forces you to turn off your device. This app is tricky to use because you have to turn your entire device off. You wouldn’t be just turning off the social media site, but the entire device.

The Screen Time Limit App on your iPhone may be counterproductive. You set a limit and then are restricted, but the restriction is easy to ignore and it might motivate you to use the app before the limit is reached. It also restricts you from being able to use the app for work or school. If you find yourself getting distracted by social media, Youtube, or Reddit, set up BeTimeful and start being productive. It’s more than a website blocker, it’s a smart social media adblocker. 

BeTimeful is a great solution as it removes the distracting pieces from each platform, like the feed, and recommended videos for example on Youtube. Decreasing your screen time on social media apps and increasing your focus and productivity on your daily tasks. If you have an issue with YouTube we wrote this article for you on YouTube Addiction or learn how to stop watching YouTube.

Last but not least, if you're a content creator, definitely checkout this blog to find out content creator kit that would set you up for success in 2023. You can also download Betimeful on your phone and enjoy using social media without getting distracted. With BeTimeful, you don't need to block apps on your phone