How to be more productive by time blocking your day?!

It is a fact that every time any of us sit down to work we get distracted by many factors. It can be noise from outside, it can be dirt on your table or it can be your colleagues. You can come back from all these distractions in five minutes. They do not indulge you any further into their existence.
But the issue arrives when you open social media. It is like a trap from where you never come out in time. When you are finally back you realize that you have wasted several hours and now you have no time to continue that book you were reading before.

There cannot be a crisis next week. My schedule is already full. - Henry Kissinger

This is what distractions do to us. They take away our time, our productivity, and our encouragement to do other things. This is why it becomes important to schedule your work calendar in advance according to the productivity experts to be more productive .

    • ● When you schedule your work calendar ahead it keeps you on your toes. It does not give you time to sly off and get into distractions.
    • ● If you are working with a team a schedule work calendar keeps everyone in the loop.
    • ● Scheduling your work gives you control over your time. You can enjoy the saved time on things you truly want to do.
    • ● Setting a calendar also enables you to set your goals for the day. It reminds you to not leave work till you have achieved your goal of the day.

Overall scheduling your work calendar makes you more productive and saves your time for doing better things. We are certain you do not want to waste your time scrolling social media or watching useless YouTube video recommendations..

Fortunately, with BeTimeful Feed Blocker not only can you time block your day to eliminate distractions, but also by having your newfeed removed during your focus hours you get to use social media w/o getting used by it! 


If these productivity coaches are not enough, then we recommend reading this summary of Deep Work by Cal Newport or any of the books on our best focus books list.