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News feed eradicator for safari is here! | BeTimeful

You heard it right! BeTimeful aka the News feed eradicator for safari is finally here

Download BeTimeful Feed Blocker! To remove the distracting elements of social media websites. Remember, to stay connected, not distracted.

Even Better, You can Now get it on your phone too!

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It's like Facebook Feed Eradicator or as some may call it facebook eradicator on steroids It's a very useful tool when you don't know what to do when you can t focus..

Looking to get News Feed Eradicator for Android

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Is social media good or bad for us? We think there are pros and cons to quitting social media. That's why we create BeTimeful: the worlds only mobile News Feed Eradicator.This way you can stay connected, not distracted. If you are on Safari, you can use BeTimeful's Safari News Feed Eradicator.

Curios to know the Top 18 time management tools or reasons to quit social media? Deleting youtube shorts is the first step as there are numerous benefits of unplugging from social media. 

We've also got best productivity hacks and how to get screen time widget

The cost of trying Betimfeul: Zero money. 60 seconds of your time to set up.

The cost of not trying Betimfeul: 1-2 hours of lost time per day.

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