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Top 5 Apps For Realtors to drive sales in 2023

As a real estate agent, it's essential to have the appropriate technology at your disposal. Whether you work alone or as part of a team, these top apps can help you attract more clients and turn them into paying ones.

Trulia is one of the top apps for realtors that provides all the tools necessary to make an informed decision about their next home purchase. It boasts high-resolution photo galleries, school ratings and mortgage calculators to empower users with all of the information they need to make informed choices.

1. BeTimeful - Makes Your Social Media Less Addictive

As a realtor, not only should you post often on Instagram but also engage with your clients on a timely manner to be able to drive sales. However, how many times have you gone to Instagram for business just to end up 10 ft down the Instagram hole? ✋✋✋🤦‍♂️

At the same time, blocking it makes the problem only worse. So what do you do? You install BeTimeful Plugin to use Social Media w/o getting used by it as it removes the feed for you during your work hours so that you can stay connected, not distracted. The best part is that it's free! (2).gif

2. Buffer

Buffer is a social media management app that enables you to post to various platforms at predetermined intervals. You have the flexibility of creating your own content or sharing posts from various sources, such as RSS feeds.

It also offers a browser extension that enables you to create new posts right from any page, which is especially handy if you have multiple web pages with content you can share. After adding the post, it will be sent automatically to your queue and published on whatever social media platform of your choosing at a time of your choosing.

The app offers both a free version and various paid plans tailored to the number of social channels you need to manage. For instance, there's the Starter plan which offers 3 social media channels plus 10 scheduled posts.

Buffer not only allows you to schedule posts, but it also lets you respond to comments or messages from followers and other users on your accounts. This is a huge time saver and simplifies managing all aspects of your social media presence in one place.

Real estate agents should check out Buffer as an excellent tool to stay engaged on social media and reach new clients. Its user-friendly interface will save time so that you can focus on more pressing matters such as finding clients and selling homes.

Manage all of your team's social profiles within one app and schedule posts ahead of time - a huge time saver for busy agents and teams!

3. RPR Mobile

By 2023, real estate agents must stay ahead of the competition with the latest applications. These can help streamline business procedures and boost efficiency, as well as manage projects and expenses more effectively, stay abreast of industry developments, and maintain their CRM databases.

RPR Mobile provides access to an expansive library of property data and tools from any smartphone or tablet, including listings, sales, valuation, assessment, deed, foreclosure, school photos/maps as well as market trend information.

Agents can utilize this platform to generate reports, build CMAs and add notes and photos. Furthermore, one-touch access to contact a property's listing agent for scheduling showings is provided.

This user-friendly app makes it effortless to locate what you need, no matter where you are. Its polygon search allows users to quickly view homes within specific neighborhoods or zip codes and can be accessed from any location using their phone's location services.

RPR Mobile, a favorite among members, is essential for agents who work on the go. Its straightforward yet intuitive interface gives real estate professionals access to an expansive library of property data and allows them to quickly share it with clients in mere moments.

Another advantage of RPR Mobile is its capability to send listing alerts branded with your business name and contact information. This is an ideal way to nurture leads and turn them into clients.

The app also provides a range of useful tools to ensure your clients have an ideal experience. For instance, its buyer tour report feature lets them see inside a home before they commit to purchase. Furthermore, listing presentations are made easier with access to local market data, comparable properties and pricing strategies.

4. FreshDesk

Real estate agents need the right tool to foster and sustain a positive client relationship. Freshdesk provides such an platform, giving you customized experiences with swift responses and instant solutions through AI-powered chatbots and instant messaging on popular social platforms.

Freshdesk not only offers a centralized help desk and CRM, but it also gives realtors various communication tools to manage their client-facing team members. This helps them cultivate trust and stay abreast of their clients' needs.

The app's unified messaging platform seamlessly integrates with WhatsApp, Apple Business Chat, Facebook, LINE and other social media channels for fast support. The free plan supports an unlimited number of agents while more advanced plans are available for professional or enterprise teams.

Another tool to help you stay on top of your pipeline is Right Inbox, which offers email tracking and reminders to follow up with prospects at certain intervals. It also permits you to schedule emails and send personalized video messages.

One of the primary challenges experienced by realtors is keeping up with their communications. Right Inbox makes this task easy by allowing you to schedule messages and email reminders so that you never miss a potential seller or buyer.

One way to stand out from the competition is by using video for marketing and listing promotions. You can quickly and easily create teasers and short videos using Animoto or TikTok.

Realtors looking to enhance their digital presence will find Buffer an ideal tool. It provides a straightforward dashboard where you can monitor and schedule posts across various social media accounts simultaneously. Furthermore, its powerful analytics let you identify which posts resonate best with your target audience.


CINC is an all-inclusive app designed to assist agents with tracking incoming leads and responding promptly. It's perfect for anyone looking to expand their business operations and client base.

Real estate agents need a centralized location to collect and monitor leads. CINC provides several lead generation tools designed to identify potential clients and convert them into customers. Furthermore, CINC provides training systems and support services to help you get started and develop your business.

In addition to lead management functions, CINC also provides sales management tools like agent activity tracking and productivity monitoring. These capabilities come in handy when working with large teams or multiple offices.

Many agents feel overwhelmed with the amount of work it takes to run a real estate business. That is why having an effective CRM is so beneficial.

CINC's real estate CRM is tailored for teams and brokerages, offering sophisticated lead routing and management capabilities. Additionally, it has a powerful manager oversight feature which can be invaluable when managing larger teams or multiple locations.

This real estate app also provides US-based training and support to help you expand your business. Its mobile applications enable you to monitor incoming leads and respond promptly, improving lead conversion rates.

This real estate app makes it simple to manage social media and respond to comments or messages. Plus, you can schedule posts a few days ahead of time, saving you valuable time.

Last but not least, as a realtor you know how important it's to create content to grow your online steps. However, sometimes it can be hard to come up with ones. This is why we're written a blog on how to come up with Real Estate Content ideas in 2023.