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Writer’s block is a common problem. It happens to nearly all writers, even the most successful ones! Luckily, there are some ways to combat this problem. Let’s look at how social media can help you with your next project and overcome writer’s block.

Follow Accounts On Social Media That Inspire Your Writing

Social media can be more than a distraction. Actually, it can even help increase productivity when properly used. A lack of inspiration is one cause of writer’s block. Luckily, social media can be inspirational once you optimize your feed. Since your feed on social media, like Facebook and Instagram, is mainly based on who you follow, following people who inspire you will help optimize your feed.


Here are the best types of accounts to follow to help inspire you as a writer: 

Follow writing accounts

When choosing which writers to follow, try to follow these steps:

Here are some writers on Instagram whose accounts could help inspire your writing:


Follow Magazine and Zine Accounts

Magazines and Zines on social media can also be a place to inspire your writing. These accounts typically post about new issues or call for submissions and post captivating images with the issue’s theme.

Here are ways to use their feed to inspire your writing:

Here are some Zines on Instagram with especially inspiring feeds:

Follow motivational accounts

Follow accounts that inspire and motivate you. This could be an account dedicated to showing off the work of other artists, a photography account, or an account dedicated to motivational quotes. But, these accounts could also look like anything, as long as the posts motivate and inspire your writing. By following social media accounts that help stimulate your mind and generate writing ideas, the flow of words will come easier. Since writer’s block is often caused by feeling uninspired and stuck, you can beat writer’s block by surrounding yourself with motivation and inspiration. 

Create A Profile That Is Only For Your Writing Life


Create a separate social media profile from your personal profile and dedicate it to writing. On your personal social media account, you likely follow your friends and family, among other people. Although this helps you to stay connected, their posts can be a distraction from your writing. When you have writer’s block, your main issues are motivation and a lack of inspiration. Having a feed with distractions lessens your desire to write, increasing your writer’s block. In this case, social media would be harming your writer’s block rather than helping.


However, by creating an account solely for writing, your feed will inspire you instead of distracting you. By focusing your social media feed on writing, you optimize the inspiration in your feed. Your writing account should only follow the accounts we talked about earlier. These accounts are the writing accounts, magazines or zines accounts, and motivational or inspirational accounts. By having a profile that is only for writing, your feed will replace distractions with inspiration and motivation, eliminating your writer’s block. 

Create a group chat with other writers

No one understands writer’s block like other writers. But scheduling group meetings for brainstorming sessions and writer’s block help isn’t always possible, especially when you have a fast-approaching deadline. Using social media to create group chats with other writers that you know is a great way to get help from people who understand writer’s block best. These group chats can give you ideas, inspiration, support, and advice to help get you out of your writer’s block. 

Here are some ways to optimize the effectiveness of your group chat when you have writer’s block:


Disconnect From Your Feed At The Right Time

 Social media can be a helpful tool, but it can also cause writer’s block if incorrectly used or used at the wrong time. When you feel inspired to write and have your best ideas flowing, it is time to disconnect from social media. If you stay on social media when you feel inspired to write, this inspiration will likely vanish and can cause writer’s block. Also, if you find that your feed is becoming more of a distraction than an inspirational tool, then it is time to disconnect.

BeTimeful is a great way to disconnect while still allowing the important and encouraging messages to come through. BeTimeful blocks social media feed to help you focus on other things (such as writing). We understand that there is a time and place for social media, so we allow you to block the social media feed when it is time to disconnect while allowing messages to keep you connected. So download BeTimeful today to help stay focused and use social media as a tool for inspiration rather than a distraction that causes writer’s block. 

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