How to break Social Media Addiction & stay focused with a free browser extension!

How much would your life be different? What skills would you pick, what side hustle would you start, or where will you travel? It might sound like a fantasy, but a browser extension promises to save you up to 2 hours per day and stop social media addiction!

Consequences of social media

According to Harvard University, people tend to waste on average 2 hours of their time daily on online distractions. Likewise, the University of London believes that online distractions, on average, reduce our IQ level by 10 points even when we ignore them. Lastly, according to Healthline, social media addiction is a leading cause of depression, anxiety, and poor sleep.

Here’s another fun fact: “Even if you immediately exit these platforms once distracted, it would take you half an hour just to regain your complete focus back!”.

Sadly, we’re all getting trapped in social media distractions. This distraction is costing us our productivity and time. When we feel bored or want to take a break, we plan to go to social media for half an hour just to end up being there for much longer. However, this has never been a coincidence.


Because, social media companies hire million-dollar engineers called “attention grabbers” where their sole job is to make the platform as addictive as possible so that they can sell us more ads and boost up their corporate profit. Thus, if you still think you’re considered a user and not a product on those platforms, you should really think again.

App Demo

So what does the Betimeful do? Does it just block me from going to social media websites? As that’s nothing new.

Not really, as that approach seldom works. Betimeful believes social media platforms are like a double edge sword. For example, Linkedin expands your network and Youtube expands your knowledge. However, if let by itself, the cons could outweigh the pros for the sake of corporate profits. Therefore, Betimeful only blocks distracting features like news feeds, sponsored ads, and recommendation videos so you can always stay focused during work.

Stop Social Media addiction

So when does it block? Do I toggle on/off?

While the app does offer a toggle option, it informs its users that they can make the most of it by connecting it to their google calendar or its inbuilt calendar, as in that way a user is more likely going to commit than if it were to be easily switched on/off with a click of a button. .

Stop Social Media addiction

Here’s what a former IBM employee said about the BeTimeful extension:

Testimonial & Conclusion

“Social media apps have been expertly designed to get our attention at the expense of our productivity and mental health. BeTimeFul has helped me regain control of my mind, my attention, and my day!”

The best part about it is that it does all that for free! Even the ‘Pro’ version, which supports calendar integration, comes with a 14 days trial period. Even if you don’t feel like paying its minor subscription fee at the end of the trial, you can always use its lifetime referral program to refer friends to be able to use it free for lifetime!

Cheers to another undistracted summer?

“Either you run the day, or the day runs you.” Jim Rohn