How many times have you stumbled across the question “Should I delete Instagram?” for me, it has been around 45,749,5890 times.

But no you shouldn’t delete Instagram rather, delete the the things that distract you and waste your time - the Newsfeed. 

Should I delete Instagram? No. Just Delete the News Feed.

Have you ever found yourself scrolling through Instagram at work? It's addictive. 

But how do you get yourself away from this scroll addiction? The answer is simple - making it less addictive. 

Installing a Free app called BeTimeful, removes your news feed so you can still stay connected, just not distracted, available on Android or iPhone. Unless you want to go on a timed break to treat yourself before the app kicks you out!


Knowing that the Instagram population is split almost evenly between men and women, with 50.6% of men and 49.4% of women, sharing an equal passion for posting, creating, and sharing content, whether it's travel pictures, memes, or adorable pet photos - which means billions of things on your newsfeed that is fighting for your attention.

Understanding The Addictive Pull of Instargam - Should I delete Instagram?

Now that we know the smart way is to go feedless instead of deleting Instagram, let’s talk a little about the pull. 

If we were to survey the users of Instagram to tell us why exactly they feel compelled to spend so much time on Instagram, the report would deliver that many of the users report the feeling of being addicted to the endless ocean of attractive filtered images, catchy videos, and captivating stories.  

And this just doesn't happen like that - it is mastered. The site's algorithm is designed to keep the users engaged by showing them content that targets their interests, which can be very difficult to resist when you get yourself into the rut of scrolling.

Additionally, the fear of missing out is attached to the scrolling power, continual notification streams, and the psychology of reward (dopamine).  The trigger of the dopamine release, caused by each like, comment, or new follower, creates everlasting reinforcement of the behavior that keeps users coming back for more.

Just to make you blow your mind Did you know that amongst the billions of Instagram users, 60% of people reported negative impacts on their self-esteem, 50% reported negative effects on relationships, and 80% reported it is easier to be deceived on social media? These are some big numbers - but quitting isn't the fix!   

For addictions like nicotine and unnatural dopamine highs that people get from social media, while it might be possible for people to quit the cold turkey way - at least 95% of people can't. This just gives us an answer that no, you shouldn't just delete Instagram and look at it as an all-fix. 


Pros and Cons of Instagram:

First, let’s talk about the good and the dark things that Instagram has brought to us:

The Good Side of Instagram 

The Dark Side of Instagram 

1. The Connection Building:  Instagram is a powerful social media platform that allows us to find and become friends with people from different parts right away. It’s a place for individuals with shared interests or experiences, fostering connections and relationships.

1. Waste of time: A major drawback of Instagram is the temptation it comes with. Without noticing people can spend hours by the lure of its newsfeed. If you're worried about your Instagram addiction and thinking should I quit Instagram then you need to try BeTimeful

2. Freedom of Expression: Instagram does a great job at making people feel at ease with their sharings. Whether it is artistic abilities or their interests. It builds a community of creators who inspire and support others to live with the freedom of expression. 

2. The fall of our Self-Esteem: The self-selected nature of Instagram pages throws people into a sense of complexity and inferiority. People judgmentally scrutinize their lives based on these highlight reels which are there to induce a negative mental state.

3. Business and Marketing:
Instagram is the most loved by brands and trendsetters to place their ads, and make use of their market online. It has a large number of customers and is a visually appealing environment that allows you to display the products you want to sell. 

3. Filtered Reality: Instagram’s filters and editing tools can give unrealistic views that everyone is perfect and there are no flaws, and this is why these filters create a dangerous illusion. All this can lead to a more unreal standard -  contributing to a generation that is insecure and superficial.

4. Following Fashion and Trends: Most people use Instagram to stay updated on all the recent fashion trends, keeping them hooked on what’s next. Users be it brands, fashion gurus, or trendsetters, share their outfits and styles, serving as motivation to inspire others and get fans. 

4. Cyberbullying: Cyberbullying and trolling are some of the issues that Instagram and other social media networks, cannot avoid. The internet’s anonymity can reveal individuals who are just haters and will go to extents to bring people down. 

    Does Social media deserve a second chance? 

    Social media, even Instagram, despite its negative effects still brings positivity in terms of building interest, giving people freedom of speech and expression, and making it a safe place for social postings. It can be a torch that makes you feel purpose, connection, and joy. With that being said, yes, Instagram deserves a second chance.

    Quite a few of us know that the Internet can be a haven where we get friends and supporters while we are seeking something special in the tough periods of our lives. And let’s not forget the effect of social media on society which has led both activism and awareness about burning social problems. 

      While all the good parts are true, mindful use of social media is the way to go in successfully dealing with its negative elements.

      By using a free app like BeTimeful you can turn off your Instagram News Feed during your focus hours.  If you want to completely shut it down, check out how to deactivate Instagram.

      All in all, the decision to go on using a social networking platform like Instagram is a personal decision. If it enriches your life and originates new relationships then it can be a solid reason for it to get a second chance. But if it makes you feel bad and causes problems with your mental well-being, adds nothing but wasted hours to your life, then it would be best to look Feedless option or take a break from it completely. 

      Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

      1. Is deleting your Instagram a good idea?

      No, deleting your Instagram is not a good idea - but deleting your distracting Newsfeed is the right decision. With the BeTimeful app, you can pause your Newsfeed during work hours while still staying connected (searching for things, messaging friends or clients, etc) and get back to the fun newsfeed scrolling in your free time. 

      This way you don't waste time and enjoy the good parts - the openness of community, connections building, and the social acceptance it offers. 

      Another thing you can try is to learn how to block Instagram on your phone.

      1. Why do people delete Instagram?

      The reason why people deactivate or delete Instagram is because they aren't aware of deleting their Newsfeed which is the most distracting part of the platform. BeTimeful gives them the liberty to be connected to Instagram but not get distracted. This mindblowing app reduces the distraction of Instagram by removing the Newsfeed so that you still stay connected, just not distracted until you wanna go on a time break and enjoy aimless scrolling. 

      Another reason people delete is due to the loss of privacy, and the negative effects on mental health. 

      1. How did deleting Instagram changed my life?

      There are many times I have deleted Instagram but I have always missed it - until I realized I don't have to delete to stop wasting my time. Now I just use the Feedless feature during my work hours and it balances everything out. This made me more concentrated on myself and what I actually should prioritize and I wasn’t part of never-ending scrolling and didn't feel the need to compare myself with others. 

      1. Is it okay to uninstall Instagram?

      No, it is not okay! cold turkey doesn't work.  Uninstalling is too drastic, the simple way is to just jump on the cool feature of enjoying social media without the luring feed by using the free app called BeTimeful. This way you have your social life intact, aren't isolating yourself, and also exercising healthy breaks from social media. 

      Conclusion - Keep Instagram, Delete the Newsfeed:

      In conclusion, the question of whether to delete Instagram shouldn't lead you to delete the entire platform. Instead, consider eliminating the distracting newsfeed with BeTimeful. You get to remove this constant source of interruption and stay connected without losing focus.

      Without BeTimeful, you will find yourself struggling to manage your time effectively, falling into the trap of mindless scrolling, and missing out on more meaningful activities. This is the only app that offers a solution to these challenges, helping you make the most of your Instagram experience - without feeling overwhelmed by deleting your social platform and the overburdened fear of missing out. 

      But if you still feel like having the app in your phone triggers you then here is how you can deactivate Instagram