In recent years, the social media landscape has seen the emergence of various platforms, with TikTok standing out as a leading favourite. Its rise to fame can partly be attributed to its resemblance to Vine, its short-form video predecessor, which eventually faded away despite its initial success. Unlike Vine, TikTok has consistently drawn in new users, showcasing significant growth annually. While the platform offers endless entertainment, it's important to acknowledge that spending excessive time on TikTok may not be beneficial. There are many negative affects related to spending too much time on TikTok, which is why we wrote this guide on how to block TikTok on iPhone. In fact, many people are considering the pros and cons of social media as a whole.

A common concern among users is the app's tendency to distract them from their work, leading to endless scrolling at the expense of productivity.

Before we jump into this guide, here is a table of contents:

  1. Introduction to TikTok's Popularity
  2. The Problem with Excessive TikTok Usage
  3. Understanding TikTok's Appeal
  4. The Addictive Nature of TikTok
  5. How TikTok Operates
  6. The Case for Blocking TikTok
  7. How to Block TikTok on iPhone with BeTimeful
    • Downloading and Setting Up BeTimeful
    • Customizing BeTimeful for Controlled Social Media Use
  8. How to Block TikTok on iPhone Using Parental Controls
    • Setting App Limits
    • Adjusting Content Restrictions
    • Establishing a Screen Time PIN
  9. Blocking TikTok on a Router
    • Adjusting DNS Settings
    • Setting up OpenDNS and Blocking Domains
  10. Conclusion and Encouragement for Mindful Tech Engagement
  11. Sources

Understanding TikTok

TikTok is a dynamic social media application with an estimated one billion monthly active users, a figure that is expected to increase. It serves as a creative outlet for users to produce and share short videos, often infused with music, sound effects, and original audio clips.

The platform is not limited to musical content; it encompasses a wide range of videos including DIY projects, daily vlogs, cooking tutorials, and comedic sketches, offering creators the chance to connect with a vast audience.This comprehensive guide will delve into how block TikTok on iPhone without having to quit social media

How to Block TikTok on iPhone

How TikTok Operates

Wondering why TikTok is so addictive? 100s of Millions of dollars have been spent on algorithms that are designed to catch your attention and keep you scrolling. Initially, TikTok allowed users to create 15-second videos, which could be linked together for up to 60 seconds of content. Recent updates have extended the maximum video length to three minutes, catering to creators' needs for longer segments.

TikTok stands out for its user-friendly editing tools, enabling creators to enhance their videos directly within the app using a diverse library of sounds, songs, and effects.

Users with a TikTok account can explore, save, and share short videos, engaging directly with their preferred content creators.

The Case for Blocking TikTok

Despite its entertainment value, many users have felt compelled to block TikTok due to its addictive nature. The app's design, which floods users with engaging videos, makes it challenging to disengage, transforming brief breaks into prolonged scrolling sessions. TikTok's algorithm, which tailors recommendations based on user interests, further exacerbates this issue by presenting content that users find hard to ignore. This is why we wrote this guide on how to block apps on an iPhone.

How to Block TikTok

Beyond the distraction concerns, TikTok has faced criticism for its impact on digital well-being, including involvement in security controversies, such as failing to delete data from underage users and allowing minors to sign up without parental approval. Compared to platforms like Facebook and Instagram, TikTok's privacy measures are considered less robust, raising concerns about user safety and cyberbullying.

While various governments have debated banning the app, TikTok remains a fixture in the social media realm. Ultimately, how individuals choose to interact with TikTok is a personal decision.

How Block TikTok on iPhone with BeTimeful 

BeTimeful is a partial social media blocker that allows users to still go on social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram but without feeling anxious about cutting ties and feeling left out. Luckily we created BeTimeful with you in mind. By installing BeTimeful on your iPhone, you can continue to stay connected without getting distracted by the Newsfeed:

BeTimeful makes sure you don't hooked into scrolling for hours. With BeTimeful, you don't need to delete social media apps or use any blocker. Here is how it works:

✅ BeTimeful hides all your distracting social media apps from your iPhone or Android 🔒

✅ You can have timed access to the distracting apps (scroll for 1, 5, 10 or more on your favourite App) 🕝

✅ Have unlimited access to feedless Instagram and YouTube!  

✅ Access DM's without getting distracted 🤝

✅ Message your friends, prospects, and clients 📩

✅ Post videos, Reels, and all your content 📲

🔥 You can finally stay connected, productive, and NOT distracted with BeTimeful!

Follow these steps to Block TikTok on iPhone with BeTimeful 

  1. Download BeTimeful on the Device (Android, iOS, Chrome, Safari)

  2. Create an account:

How to Block TikTok on iPhone

3. Select any app that you want to block like TikTok, Instagram, etc.

4. You can also use this edit button to adjust your selection:

5. You'll have an option to edit/add/remove any apps or websites from the block:

How to block TikTok on iPhone with Parental Control:

The guide below will show you how to block TikTok on iPhone using the native parental control:

1. Through the Settings, tap App Limits:


2. Add Limits to each App:

3. Select how much time you want to limit each app:


4. Another option is to prevent access to the website via Safari. This can be done by navigating to the Screen Time Settings page, selecting "Content & Privacy Restrictions," and then choosing "Content Restrictions."


5. You have a few choices at your disposal. One option is to select "Limit Adult Websites" and subsequently add the website to the "Never Allow" list.


Alternatively, you could opt for the "Allowed Websites Only" option, giving you the freedom to select which websites can be accessed on the device manually. 

It's highly advisable to establish a Screen Time PIN, ideally linked to a separate Apple ID if feasible. This measure ensures that you cannot easily reset your PIN. Similar type of process can be followed on an iPad if your concern is how to block porn on an iPad.

Block TikTok on router

You can also prevent the app from accessing your Wi-Fi network by following these instructions below or watching the following video:

  1. Navigate to the DNS settings via your Wi-Fi router's admin portal.

  2. Access your IPV4 or IPV5 address.

  3. Change the settings to "Manual."

  4. In the DNS1 field, input:

  5. In the DNS2 field, input:

  6. Reboot the router to apply the changes.

  7. Set up an OpenDNS account and link it with your router's IP address.

  8. Restrict access to TikTok by blocking its domain names, such as:



And there you have it, a comprehensive guide to blocking TikTok across all your devices. It's widely recognized that excessive time on TikTok can adversely affect mental health, a concern that holds especially true for teenagers who are more vulnerable to the side-effects of social media. Armed with the insights from this blog, you now have the tools at your disposal to block TikTok on iPhones, Android devices, and web browsers. Whether you choose to employ apps or browser extensions like BeTimeful, leverage the built-in features of your devices, or configure your router settings, you're equipped to take proactive steps towards safeguarding digital wellbeing. Remember, managing screen time is not just about blocking unwanted content; it's about fostering a healthier, more balanced relationship with our digital environments. Let this guide serve as a catalyst for positive change, encouraging mindful engagement with technology for you and your loved ones.


How do I block my child from TikTok on my iPhone?

  1. BeTimeful App: Install the BeTimeful app, which can block access to TikTok during certain times of the day or completely, depending on the settings you choose.

  2. Screen Time Feature:

    • Go to "Settings" on the iPhone.
    • Tap "Screen Time."
    • Set up a Screen Time passcode.
    • Tap "Content & Privacy Restrictions" and enter your passcode.
    • Tap "Allowed Apps."
    • Turn off the toggle next to TikTok to block it.

These methods will help manage and restrict TikTok usage on your child's iPhone.

How do I completely block TikTok?

Use parental control apps like BeTimeful to block TikTok on your device, or manually uninstall the app and set up website restrictions in your device's settings.

How do I remove TikTok from my iPhone?

You can use BeTimeful to hide TikTok from your iPhone or you can press and hold the TikTok app icon on your home screen, then select "Delete App" from the options.

Is there a way to block certain Tiktoks?

TikTok's app itself does not allow blocking specific content, but parental control features can limit the type of content that can be viewed.

Can I block TikTok from my kids phone?

Yes, install BeTimeful or use the built-in Screen Time settings on your child's iPhone to restrict access to the TikTok app.


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