Do you rememer when the first "Smart" Phone came out? We couldn't hold ourselves back from buying it until we realized that the true price we paid for them was not with our money but our time!

Now, you can either buy a dumb phone as per the below list OR You can save yourself money by turning your phone dumb by installing a Free app called BeTimeful available on Android or iPhone to Block the News Feed of Your Social Media so you can stay connected, just not distracted unless you need a timed break before your time is out!


1. How to Make Your Phone Dumb for Free

If you're sick of your smart phone making you dumb by gluing you to it (Ehem Social Media), then save yourself the hundreds of dollars to download a free app called BeTimeful available on IOS & Android to hide your social media news feed so you stay connected, not distracted unless you need a timed break before your time is out!

2. Top 5 Dumb Phones of 2024

Let's get into which phones make the best dumb phones for getting rid of distractions.

Nokia 3310 2.0

The legend returns! Now with 50% more Snake game.

Nokia 8210 4g dumb phone

The Nokia 8210 4G arrives with a wave of nostalgia for the older millennial crowd. This revamped iteration of the classic Nokia handset boasts 4G capabilities, a staggering battery life that can last up to a month, all wrapped up in a sleek and user-friendly design that comes at an attractive price. While its 0.3 MP camera might be a hiccup in an era of high-resolution snapshots, it presents an unexpected boon for those looking to reduce their digital intake, nudging users towards fewer selfies and a more committed digital detox.

Motorola Pebl:

A blast from the past, but without the internet. Full specs here

V6 Original Motorola PEBL U6 1.8" 2G 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900 Flip Cellular  Phone | eBay

The PEBL's moniker has its roots in its original code name, "Pebble"—a quirky deviation from Motorola's traditional code-naming convention, which typically involved using island names for GSM devices and city names for CDMA models. This nomenclature strategy aimed to maintain the veil of secrecy around new products.

Internally, the "Pebble" code name was met with raised eyebrows, given the phone's resemblance to an actual pebble—it was deemed too on the nose. For a period, the team was instructed to switch to "Virgin," a nod to the Virgin Islands, to adhere to policy. This, however, turned out to be a source of amusement among the engineers, prompting the team manager to advocate for a change. In a twist of fate, a real "Pebble Island" in the Falklands was discovered, which quelled the naming debate and brought things full circle.

LG Lite GD570:

It's so light on features; it almost floats. Easy flip with long and thin design, 2.0MP Camera, MP3, changeable LED light features and instant silent mode. Full Specs here

best dumb phone - lg Lite

Best semi-dumb phone: Onyx BOOX Palma

Best dumb phone - boox palma

The Onyx BOOX Palma stands out from the crowd, not quite fitting the standard definition of a phone. It lacks support for SIM cards and eSIMs, yet it remains a device worth considering. Equipped to handle Whatsapp along with other communication apps for messaging and voice calls, it functions similarly to a phone. Its distinctive e-ink display, devoid of color, naturally deters prolonged browsing on social media, offering a gentler experience for the eyes. Operating on a streamlined version of Android OS, the BOOX Palma is crafted for those looking to take a step back from constant connectivity, promoting detachment without complete disconnection.

Best for digital detox: Punkt MP02

Punkt MP02 dumb phone

Petter Neby, the founder of Punkt, envisions a world where internet and social media are accessed with intention rather than compulsion. The Punkt MP02 embodies this vision; it's a device that prioritizes straightforward communication through calls and texts. However, it doesn't leave you stranded in a tech-less desert – it doubles as a mobile hotspot, granting the flexibility to connect a laptop or tablet for social media and email use when necessary. With its elegant design and intuitive interface, the MP02 is the perfect companion for those committed to the minimalist, "dumb phone" ethos, while still appreciating the occasional digital convenience. For more read on this, check out opal app review.

3. The Unexpected Benefits of Going Dumb

Apart from the obvious battery life that lasts longer than your favorite TV series, there's the joy of not being constantly bombarded by notifications, memes, and that one friend who sends you every TikTok they watch.

4. FAQ: All Your Dumb Questions Answered

  • Q: Will a dumb phone improve my social life? A: It won't automatically make you the life of the party, but you'll definitely be more present at parties.

  • Q: Can I still take photos? A: Some models do have cameras, but let's be honest, it's more for those "just in case" moments rather than your next Instagram post.

  • Q: What if I miss my apps? A: You might, initially. But think of all the real-world things you can do! Like, you know, reading a book or talking to humans.

  • Q: Can I turn iPhone into dumb phone? A: Yes. You can modify the settings and features of an iPhone to mimic the functionality of a traditional dumb phone. 

5. Credible Sources: Because We're Not Making This Up

In conclusion, while the allure of the latest smartphone is undeniable, there's something refreshing about going back to basics. And if you're not ready to make the leap just yet, remember: you can save yourself a couple of hundred dollars by simply downloading Betimeful to make your phone a new dumb phone!