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How to Stop Using Social Media Without Deleting: unhooked! | BeTimeful

If you are reading this, you're probably looking to quit social media because you’re wasting time scrolling social media platforms for hours; HOWEVER, you might also feel a little anxious about cutting ties and feeling left out. Luckily, we created BeTimeful with you in mind. By installing the BeTimeful extension, we replace the distracting, often toxic newsfeed with a motivational quote. This way, you can stay connected with your friends and family on social media but not hooked into scrolling for hours. You can also download BeTimeful on your phone and enjoy using social media without getting distracted. With BeTimeful, you don't need to block apps on your phone.

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FAQ: Navigating a Social Media Detox with BeTimeful

Q1: How does BeTimeful help me quit social media without deleting it? A1: BeTimeful blocks your social media newsfeed but allows you to send DMs and post content.

Q2: Does BeTimeful work on all social media platforms? A2: BeTimeful currently supports popular platforms like YouTube, Instagram, and you can use full blocking on all other social media apps.

Q3: Is BeTimeful available for mobile devices? A3: Yes, BeTimeful offers a mobile app to help you stay focused on social media without distractions.

Q4: Does BeTimeful collect my data or share it with third parties? A5: BeTimeful is committed to your privacy and doesn't collect or share personal data. Your focus is our priority.

Conclusion: Unplug and Reconnect with BeTimeful

Quitting social media doesn't mean cutting ties; it's about regaining control over your digital life. BeTimeful offers a helping hand in this journey, allowing you to use social media without falling into the endless scroll trap.

By replacing your newsfeed with inspiration, BeTimeful lets you stay connected with friends and family while breaking free from the scroll chain. So, give it a try, unplug from the distraction, and reconnect with the real world while enjoying the benefits of social media. With BeTimeful, the power to quit without deleting is in your hands.


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The cost of trying Betimfeul: Zero money. 60 seconds of your time to set up.

The cost of not trying Betimfeul: 1-2 hours of lost time per day.

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