We live in a world of 7.7 billion people, with 59.5% (January 2021) active internet users. Most of these users are aware of the importance of doing digital business, whether it’s through social networks, owning a website, social media marketing, etc. However, with the increasing time spent on technology and the internet itself, motivation may start to taper and create issues with keeping track of what we want to achieve. Nevertheless, there are ways to boost motivation, stay focused and achieve your goals.

1. Be Patient With the Things You Love

“Good things come to those who wait.”. - Henry Kissinger

Don’t let your anxiety for success put your brain in a survival mode where remaining in your comfort zone seems like a safer and more accessible decision.

Instead, use your fear in your favour and build your life the way YOU want. To counter the anxiety and fear, bring fun to the process, you’ll be able to use fun as an intrinsic motivator to achieve your dreams, and more importantly, enjoy the path. The world is not responsible for keeping you motivated; you are the one that decides how and when the next step is.

Motivation lasts but not forever; it can last one minute, two days, or four weeks; it depends on you and your past experiences.

At this point, your self-awareness helps you understand what keeps you motivated and set your discipline to get what you want. Take a breath and think, what would you do right now if you died tomorrow? Would you keep spending five hours of your day scrolling aimlessly on your social networks? Are you going to tell people what you accomplished in your life? Or what you wish you did?

Find your way, but do it because the only method to make things happen is actually by start doing them. Stay curious and humble about everything. If you need extra motivation from outside sources, take it, read the ultimate guide to staying motivated. But take what resonates with you and apply it to real life. There is no theory for success; it is a practical reality where you won’t quit the process of what you want. Social media also steals your motivation so you you can download Betimeful's mobile news feed blocker.

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2. Keep A Positive Mindset

It starts with you and will always stay with you. So, don’t rush in to finish something you love; embrace and enjoy that process of learning more about yourself and the world. Be creative and use motivation as a power to boost your productivity; let your motivation remind you about why you are here and what it takes to keep going. If you need extra help with your productivity, you can always take a look at these top productivity tools

Your mindset matters because the way you think and what you think about will attract and materialize in your life. Be open to changes and mistakes, understand them, visualize yourself where you want to be, feel it, be passionate about it and start acting like you already are in that moment.

3. Stay in Your Purpose

People have become obsessed with the idea of success as the accomplishment of a goal. But interestingly, we all have different goals through our various stages of life, and our definitions of ‘goals’ vary from person to person. So, the question is: what is your goal, and why do you want to achieve it? Are you ambitious about it or is it achievement driven by external validation? Only you will understand the meaning of your actions because with that goal in mind and what it takes to keep you motivated, nothing will stop you.

As a final thought, I want you to know that there is no specific equation to succeed; there are tools to help you through the process, but the primary purpose is to do what you love. So own your process and understand that there will be ups and downs, where your patience combined with a positive mindset and the goal in mind will allow you to keep the fire alive and do what it takes to achieve what you want.

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